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Sarah Amato

Web design, logo design

Sarah Amato, a writer/artist/historian/curator, had a couple of collateral pieces already printed when she approached me to build her website. As a result, I was working within existing parameters, including colours and fonts, to develop a personal logo and a website for her. 

Drawing on the fun purple accents in her cards and the sans serif fonts she had already used, I created a tidy website with playful accents – perfect for her personality! We also discussed how she found it difficult to summarize her work or title and we wanted to convey her multifaceted projects. Since we had opted for a very clean and minimal layout for her site with only simple pops of purple; the animation on the home page was the perfect touch to jazz it up! 


Sarah had created a logo for her project “Is this yours” which used connected lines of text. Since she was happy with that and wanted to keep everything related, I built on her concept to create a clean logo using a similar connected type element.