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design, branding, ux/ui

Cycle is a app concept for female teens, created for an art direction class. The project included design icons based on current design standards, UX/UI design of multiple pages and features within the app, and was presented within a pamphlet targeted at potential users.  

Most menstrual trackers and women’s health apps target women who are hoping to conceive. However, an audience that is in need of more education and resources about their bodies are teen girls. They are unlikely to want to use an app intending for fertility tracking or see the value in tracking their cycle; they would also value a user experience that is clean and subtle. Cycle solves this gap by providing an easy-to-use interface for tracking details of their menstrual cycle and other holistic indicators including quality of sleep, mood, exercise habits, food cravings and more to offer young women a better understanding of their cycle and health. The app also provides educational health resources such as animated breast exam guides and monthly reminders, a glossary of information and terms, and additional resources for women’s health and sexuality information. Being a teenage girl can be complicated. Cycle makes understanding your body a bit easier. 

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