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Mission statement

ThreePointFive approaches design with a hopeful heart and eyes towards a just and sustainable future for all. We partner with businesses, non-profits, and organizations that bring empathy, equity, and radical ideas to their day-to-day operations. 

We create design for positive impact.


Goals in action

  • Deliberately source materials from ethical and sustainable partners
  • Choose energy-efficient web hosting providers for digital projects 
  • Use recycled, organic and/or FSC certified materials and vegetable based inks for all printed goods where possible.
  • Declare a climate emergency and publish a public disclosure report
  • Strive to support women-, LGBTQ-, and BIPOC-owned businesses when choosing contractors and suppliers
  • Work from a home studio to eliminate additional office space
  • Working towards B Corp certification

Ethical policy

We love working with a wide range of partners – from indie makers crafting from a corner in their basement to big corporate projects.  

We use a green line/red line process to help guide us in choosing projects and partners that are a great fit! It’s a helpful tool for directing the decision-making process. 

Green lines

We endeavour to focus on projects that 

  • Are sustainable and environmentally-friendly
  • Support a just transition, including good work for all, alternative energy sources, and green infrastructure development
  • Actively work to dismantle injustice
  • Support affordable and easy access to health and wellness services, including healthcare, reproductive rights, and mental health.
  • Contribute to an equitable and just society.
  • Reduce waste and consumption
  • Support public education
  • Increase awareness of, and participate in advocacy around, environmental, social and ethical issues

Our ideal partner:

  • Upholds equity and fairness in their workplace
  • Pays all employees a fair wage
  • Has strong, documented social and environmental policies or is actively and consistently developing them. 
  • Is a Certified B Corp, social enterprise, non-profit or public organisation, or has a consistent history of practices and policies that align with these values.
  • Is seeking a creative partnership where our respective areas of expertise are respected and a long-term relationship is the goal

Red lines

We do not work on projects that include:

  • Armed conflicts and weapons trade
  • Discrimination or extremism
  • Non-renewable resources

We will not partner with organizations who:

  • Are, or have staff members who are, consistently disrespectful to us or our partners
  • Represent or hold values that are in conflict to positive change, decolonization, and equity and respect for all.  
  • Have a history of environmental, animal, or human rights abuses